Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple Fit Giveaway!

Please note this giveaway event is now closed.
The post provides my review of this product which I 100% endorse!
You will love how these shades install and work!

If you see this symbol, this means I have tried the product and fully endorse it.

The following offers a full review on Simple Fit shades and a video on how I installed the product.

The giveaway event is now closed.

 Dear blind bracket: 

You will never be my BBF. 

Sincerely yours, venetian blind detester.

Window blinds of all types are not new to me. I've had them in many of my previous homes. And four things have ALWAYS stood in my way from liking them.

1. I don't like looking through them all day.

2. They're clunky to scooch up out of the way.

3. They are fiddly to clean.

4. Installing is a royal pain.

In fact, NONE of my windows in my current home even HAVE blinds of any kind, for all of the above reasons. I. JUST. DON'T. LIKE. THEM.

BUT. Our needs required privacy and room darkening features in some rooms. So I was rather stuck. And chose to do nothing because I didn't know WHAT to do.

And then, the clouds parted, the angels sang and Dave from Simple Fit became my super hero!

Ok, you know I jest. That isn't Dave. But that's how this whole story makes me feel with how these custom shades managed to solve my problems.

So, what makes the Simple Fit system so special anyway?

I actually came up with three reasons.

#1. They install FAST. 

Know why? They don't have hardware. Isn't that crazy?

 Once the shades  arrived, they sat in the boxes. I truly wasn't eager to tackle them.  And then when I bit the bullet and just did it, I laughed. Because it was so ridiculously easy!!! I kid you not. And I'll show you how it's done in a moment.

2. They really REALLY darken your room!

You have a choice of light filtering or black-out. My son has trouble falling asleep during the long summer nights so I chose the black-out. And oh my GOSH is the room dark! He adores that!

As for me? If they were in my room I'd go the light filtering route. Isn't it nice to have that option?

3. They scooch out of my way!

I sooooo detest looking through traditional blinds. I like privacy by night and window with view by day. Better yet? These go up easily with a one finger touch. How cool is that?

And you know what? I'm gonna show you just how I installed them.

Dave asked if I could videotape my experience installing the shades and you KNOW how foreign that is to me. :)  Kidding! Any chance to work with video editing software I consider a scream, so here you are!  Flubs and all. :)

And.. the first window in the video is the same window you see in the above pic. The editing program shrinks your window viewing area which I didn't know. Whoops! No worries. You'll see more on window #2.

So, wanna get in on some of this action? I'd bet you do!

Visit the website

When you first get to Simple Fit's website, you land on this page. (visit HERE)

 Check out the options

 Simple Fit offers you all kinds of different custom shades at different price points with different features. So it pays to read what each type of shade offers. But just know, they all install easily, requiring no hardware, but rather, by means of either peel and stick or spring loaded, which mine had.

 Dave was very generous and sent me the higher end cellular shades and their features are:
  • spring loaded install system
  • aluminum rails
  • cordless (excellent for kiddos!)
  • honeycomb insulating cells made from spun linen
  • snow or cream
  • light filtering or black-out
~ The Giveaway ~
    And here's where you come in! Dave is offering one of you one Cellular shade so you can also give them a try too! You just wait. You are gonna LOVE these. I'm giddy for ya. :)

    Value - $99-$253! (depending on size and type)
    Minimum width of 19 inches.
    Maximum width of 64 inches.
    Maximum length of 72 inches.
    How to enter the giveaway:

    In comments, tell us what intrigues you most about these shades or why you desire to give them a whirl yourself, and you're in!

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    Email or blog contact must be avail to deem a winner.

     Simple Fit is sold in the States but now will also ship to Canada!

     I'm super happy with my new shades! They're up, they're pretty and they work!!

    Dave, even if you don't wear a cape, you're still a super hero in my book :)

    Good luck friends!

    Sept 2011 promo - 'like' Simple Fit on Facebook to get a 20% discount!

    Please note this giveaway event is now closed.
    The post provides my review of this product which I 100% endorse!
    You will love how these shades install and work!

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    The Pleated Poppy winner!

    I'm feeling in a cabbage rose/green apple mood. Yes I am. I am one stylin' note book carrying gal here.

    But then, when that spunky mood hits, I want funk! Yeah, this is it.

    Wait. But at the end of the day, I want things silent and pretty.  Maybe this is it...

    Goodness! How does one even CHOOSE?!?

    What are these?

    These are adorable notebooks and covers by The Pleated Poppy. 

    Each notebook comes with a composition notebook and is removable to replace the notebook once it's filled. It closes with a button and elastic closure and has a pocket on the inside flap for pens/pencils.

    What can it be used for?

    Grocery lists, tic tac toe for kids during road travel, decorating details while shopping, sketches when ideas come your way.. you name it!

     The winner of The Pleated Poppy giveaway did indeed say she loved the notebooks. Little did she know she'd get to choose one!

    Well, now, if it isn't Rachelle from Adventures In Creating!

    Congrats Rachelle! Happy shopping to you!

    Please email Lindsey at 


    with your shipping info and choice!

     Man, they're only $26. That's alot of sewing for $26. I'd have to charge $475!
    Ok, guess that has something to do with me not being a sewer.
    Good thing Lindsey's in charge here.

    the pleated poppy blog

    Wanna buy one?

    Or anything else? Now's the time.
    Lindsey is offering you 15% off. Just give her the code JUNK and you're good to go!

    15% off - code JUNK

    Offer good for 1 week.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway for all 3000+ of these lovely followers, Lindsey!