Friday, October 1, 2010

The Pleated Poppy winner!

I'm feeling in a cabbage rose/green apple mood. Yes I am. I am one stylin' note book carrying gal here.

But then, when that spunky mood hits, I want funk! Yeah, this is it.

Wait. But at the end of the day, I want things silent and pretty.  Maybe this is it...

Goodness! How does one even CHOOSE?!?

What are these?

These are adorable notebooks and covers by The Pleated Poppy. 

Each notebook comes with a composition notebook and is removable to replace the notebook once it's filled. It closes with a button and elastic closure and has a pocket on the inside flap for pens/pencils.

What can it be used for?

Grocery lists, tic tac toe for kids during road travel, decorating details while shopping, sketches when ideas come your way.. you name it!

 The winner of The Pleated Poppy giveaway did indeed say she loved the notebooks. Little did she know she'd get to choose one!

Well, now, if it isn't Rachelle from Adventures In Creating!

Congrats Rachelle! Happy shopping to you!

Please email Lindsey at

with your shipping info and choice!

 Man, they're only $26. That's alot of sewing for $26. I'd have to charge $475!
Ok, guess that has something to do with me not being a sewer.
Good thing Lindsey's in charge here.

the pleated poppy blog

Wanna buy one?

Or anything else? Now's the time.
Lindsey is offering you 15% off. Just give her the code JUNK and you're good to go!

15% off - code JUNK

Offer good for 1 week.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway for all 3000+ of these lovely followers, Lindsey!

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