Friday, June 4, 2010

Review on The Pleated Poppy

You will soon find that those advertising on Funky Junk are in for abit of a different experience.

I love to tap in to who's behind the sponsor buttons and share the person responsible for dedicating her time and efforts to her passion. And I was pleasantly surprised when I got to further investigate...



Lindsey, from The Pleated Poppy!

The first thing that caught me was Lindsey's gorgeous branding for her company. As a graphic designer myself, I appreciate beautiful artwork and I think it only enhances what you are portraying. Good professional branding means you mean business. And that's good for business!

Who is she?

In her own words,

"hi ! i'm lindsey cheney. i am married to an incredibly supportive husband and am mom to 3 littles, 6 and under. my days are full of sewing, home schooling, crafting, snuggling, avoiding the laundry, sneaking bites of chocolate, and wondering "is it naptime yet?".

Ok, she's not only cute and has one pretty lookin' company, but she also has a spunky humourous nature that I'd bet everyone naturally gravitates to. I like this girl already. :) And being a mom and a wife and needing naps, I also vote she's just a normal fun lovin' girl that loves to create. We can ALL relate to that. :)

What does she do?
 Once you snoop around Lindsey's blog, you'll see she does quite a few things. Among them...

She sews.

And oh my word does she sew well! One thing I've really noticed is her love of mixing bright patterns. Her creations leave you feeling like the sun is shining! Her sewing photos are crisp and easy to love. She sews pretty lady stuff, to baby stuff, to kidlet stuff, and everything in between.

 She crafts.

She's got some really creative unique ideas and shows you what to do every step of the way. Excellent tutorials!

She decorates.  

And I really love her style. It's elegant, a little coastal, with a big dash of warm and inviting! Isn't this bathroom amazing?!?

 And lastly, Lindsey sells.  

She sells what she's passionate about and what she's good at. So you know her product is going to be top notch. Her store is LOADED with unique and wonderful ideas for yourself and for gifts suitable for all age groups. So you will never be stumped for an idea on what to buy a difficult-to-buy-for kinda person.

Thanks Lindsey, for helping support FJI, and sharing your wonderful creativity with all of us!


  1. Love your stuff. Sew creative. I LOVE the aprons,zippered pouches (one can't have too many), and the hair clips.

  2. So besides the FACT that she is SO stinkin' cute! I mean I can't get over how CUTE she is!!!

    This is what I want:

    I want to wear one of those lovely aprons with a hair clip in my hair, a tea towel draped over my shoulder, zipping up one of those pouches as I write in a covered journal while standing in HER bathroom!!!

    Did I mention I can't barely stand how cute she is???

    I too am amazed at how gorgeous and professional her logo is!

    And "waiting for nap time"???? Oh my. I used to wait for the boys I wonder when my nap time is????

    Love it Donna!!! All my best Lindsey!!!!!

  3. I've got 2 zippered pouches, some posies and a tea towel. I can't get enough of Lindsey's Pleated Poppy. All the colors are put together in great combos. Thanks Donna for featuring another creative gal. Cindy at


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