Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 lucky Shaklee winners! Congrats!

Over the weekend I was finally getting to some long overdue housecleaning. Ugh... what a mess.

What's been giving me the most grief lately were the hardwood floors believe it or not. You know those weird footprints you can see even after washing? I wasn't able to remove it with anything I had for a long while and my floors always looked dirty.

That's when a light went on. Remember this little group?

Basic H2 by Shaklee is a powerful non toxic highly concentrated cleaner that when diluted to different strengths, can clean nearly anything. And do it well.  I'm speaking from some experience here.

So I grabbed the Basic H2 All Purpose this round and sprayed it direct on the floors. (I was prepared to use the stuff full strength if I had to!) And held my breath. I wanted this to work because nothing else had.

And honestly, I would have been VERY disappointed if this didn't work because these products haven't failed me yet. At all.

Guess what.

Flawless shine. Right back to new. Gone were those awful footprints I had been living with all summer! YES!!!! Will we put on socks now when walking across the floors. Of course not! I have H2 on hand so why bother? :)

As time passes, I think I figured out one of the reasons I really love using these products. It's the sprayer thing. The sprayers work that well and it was effortless to kneel down and spray a fine mist over the entire floor surface and simply wipe. It seemed... easier for some reason. Hey, whatever makes me clean gets a thumbs up in my book!

Just goes to show, you can invent your own uses for this stuff. And 10 of you will be fortunate enough to do just that very shortly! And here they are!

~ 10 Winners of the Basic H2 sample ~

Congrats gals! Please email Bonnie direct at 

so she can get your win shipped to you!
Sigh. I know. I wish I could offer everyone a win. However if you've been curious about trying a non toxic cleaner that works really well, now is the time, because Bonnie has something special all lined up for you!

How to purchase 

Visit Bonnie's website to see what's all available HERE.

Then, contact Bonnie at, 

with the code Funky Junk

so she can help you through the process on how to join, what to start with, the best deal for your dollar as well as line you up with another special she has for you!

Happy Cleaning to all of you! :)


  1. Yay I'm so excited!! I've been dying to try more of these fab products!! Thanks Donna (& Bonnie)

  2. Wow! I am a winner! Thanks so much, Donna, for hosting this great giveaway! I will have the cleanest house in Blogville!


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