Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A DIY for pleated shades and a winner for the Simple Fit custom shades!

Did you know some Redi-Shades can be customized? This is cool...

1. Gather up some of your favorite decorating type supplies... 

ideas - fabric, wrapping paper, photos, paint, scrap book supplies, stencils

2. Place where you'd like everything to go...

 3. And enjoy your new customized shades!

Isn't this cute?!? The options are endless when you purchase the right shades to be able to do this. 

 (click HERE to view this INSPIRE area for more ideas!) 

Now, the winner is getting treated right. She actually has the option to choose one of the SIMPLE FIT shades. :) I have personally only tried this type and I ADORE them!

What I have

shade style - Cellular

install style - Simple Fit (spring loaded)

with the options of:

snow or cream ( I have snow)
light filter or black out (I have black out and they turn the room BLACK!)

You can read about the Cellular style HERE.

And ordering is easy! 

1. Click on the custom shade of your choice.

2. Scroll down until you see...

 The steps will guide you through measuring, pricing, and shipping info.

A winner!

So let's pick a winner! What a lucky lucky gal. She will be floored at how easy they go up.

(my video of my own install is HERE)


Yay! We have

Sambuka over at Dolce Divine!

Oh oh... she's from Quebec Canada! Hey, no worries, she can't win the shades, (as per what the original post stated) but she's going to get a little something else from me. Sambuka, I'll email you and we'll chat. :)

Ok, let's go for an American winner now!

Whoohoo! A loyal follower too! Congrats Gloria from Living on a Dime!

Gals, I'll be swapping some info with you shortly. Congrats!

 Dave, thanks for treating my followers right with this cool giveaway!

And.. how about that customizing.. pretty cool. Have you ever done anything special to your own shades?


  1. Wow! I won! Thank you so much Donna and Dave! Can't wait to get them, now just to decide which window. hmmmmm

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