Thursday, December 2, 2010

Check out my fav things - with some specials attached!

"Dear Santa,

I totally adore all of the following things. 

I've been a good girl too!

So.. how about it? I rust up your sleigh in exchange for a few of my most favorite things below?

Hello? Helloooo..... 

oh oh..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not everyone is a rust lover, I admit. But did you know I had the potential to fall in love with some non rusty trinkets too?

I recently took a stroll through my sponsor's stores to see what was goin' on. And boy was that fun!

But not only did I find cool stuff.. I found SPECIALS too!

Come on along with me as we walk through Funky Town to window shop a few of my own favorite things!


My favorite thing:

Check out these vintage scissors. The first two remind me of some my mom had. Awww... fond memories. And that 3rd is frankly just wild! How cool would these be nicely framed up for a sewing room? I just love the look of these!

Anything goes Here is loaded with vintage treasures of all types. I LOVE this store! Click the button to check it out! But be warned. Joan's photos make you WANT. IT. ALL.


Every December order comes with a free gift!

Special Holiday Pricing in effect on some listings.

Mention FUNKY JUNK when you order to receive your free gift!

Check it all out HERE.


My favorite thing:

I love these notebook covers. They are colourful, girlie, and taking notes would just be more fun while on the run! If this notebook cover isn't avail by the time you see this, it wouldn't surprise me. This stuff sells FAST.

All of Lindsey's creations laugh with their vibrant fun colours! Take a peek and see if you can't help but smile. :) 


 15% off any Pleated Poppy reg priced stock during December!

code - J U N K

Click HERE to get started.

But RUN. I'm tellin' ya, this stuff doesn't get old.


My favorite thing:

Do you like your whites white but detest that bleach fragrance that always seems to linger? Me too. So when I came across this product, called Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover, I was curious.

I've been using it for some time now and can I just say, the bottoms of my sports socks ARE white and they smell like fresh air, not a swimming pool. LOVE this stuff.

 And I really do suggest to start with a kit of some sort. They just work so awesome together!

Shakley is all about safe health, cleaning and beauty products. And I've yet to try a product I didn't like.


Become a member and Bonnie has a special for you!


email Bonnie at for details!

click HERE to view product line.


Would you like to become a Funky Junk sponsor? We'd love to have you! Please email me direct at for all the affordable details. :)

Well, that sure was fun shopping for me!

Do you ever pick up things for yourself while you're shopping for others?
Or can you really walk away from it?
I'm so weak...

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  1. Great picks!!! Can Santa bring those same things to me?!?!
    Bonnie :)


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