Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The horse gate headboard reveal

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The master bedroom decorating is nearly complete with the horse gate headboard done. Yay!

So remember Apartment Guide's challenge?

 "DIY on a Dime: Easy Design Projects for Every Space"

 A decor "hack" type project - re-doing or upgrading a centerpiece or some antique item, thrifted object, IKEA furniture, etc. in your home with a $100 budget. 

Very fun to create! But I was overdue for a change. 

Come on in!

The tour

My cat Teddy and I have been working very hard on the bedroom. And we've come to a conclusion... the 'new' bed is soft and messy enough for her and rustic enough for me. We are a happy team! :)

Yes! Another messy too many pillowed crumply bed.
And this time with a punch of colour. All for a whopping $22.50.

How I did it

(anything not priced I had on hand)

Horse Gate - free off a burn pile

Board and batten walls - random 8' boards nailed to the drywall, then painted

The horse gate was the PERFECT width to accommodate the kingsized bed and looks smart against the fresh coat of wall paint.

Wrought iron hooks hold up twiggy wreaths.

A collection of rustic twiggy wreaths dress up the hooks and help to soften the boxy lines of the gate.

Galvanized buckets - $2.50

Flowers - $8.50 total

These little galvanized pots were the perfect touch to hold some colourful blooms.

Edited to add: the barbed wire is HIGH above where any head would lean back on, so all is well! I needed some 'risky element' and this would be it. :)

Pillows galore

floral and red ones - $2 each

Once again, a ridiculous amount of pillows have you falling for this bed. My own son is a pillow and blanketaholic himself so he now wants a messy bed too. :)

Navy quilt - $7.00

blue teacup and saucer for my lattes - .25

Bed tray - an old barn wood table top

Total I spent out of pocket for the 'new bed and linens' - $22.25

So how did I do Apartment Guide? :)

Two very different looks, but honestly? The 2nd one is actually more me. It feels a little less frilly, a little less up-cycled and just a more casual happy place to crash with my laptop any time of day! 

And I have to admit, the colour makes me happy. :)

And the new look goes ohhh so cool with my pallet closet wall. :)

Thank-you  Apartment Guide for helping me achieve 'a "fresh new bed!"

(all bedroom redo 2012 projects on Funky Junk are HERE)

(and on this review blog HERE)

Inspired by Charm's Michael, thanks for your amazing inspiration. I hope I did you proud. :)

And the winner of the Home Depot $50 giveaway is:

Congrats Tina! I'll be emailing you. :)

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  1. I love it Donna! Especially that wood planked wall.

  2. LOVE the horse gate! This new look is cleaner and fresh. I love what you did and that you picked that gate off a pile. I love stories like this and am sharing it on my FB page.

  3. Donna - fabulous job! it is soooooo YOU! xo


  4. It looks great Donna! And I agree Michael is a great inspiration!

  5. Love the horse gate headboard and I was thinking about using pallet boards to make a smaller entry gate! Love the pallet wall just wondering where I could do that? Keep bringing those wonderful ideas!!!

  6. Love it and the pallet wood closet wall! Makes me wanna come crash there ;) <3

  7. I love the new look!...loved the old look...but this really appeals to my style. I still use bold colors in our home although some days I want to paint everything white and rest my eyes for a while. What is so sweet to me about your new look is where the horses chewed the gate. When our fences get chewed my husband wants to replace boards whereas I love the character they give the fence line. I'm inspired to use the boards for something creative next time he takes them out for new ones!

  8. Great ideas, not too sure about the barbed wire though!!

    Love the comfy look of it all.


  9. WOW!!! It looks awesome!
    Great job:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Love th casual look----everything came together beautifully! Teddy the kitty would fit in well with our Teddy the dog and Teddy, our grandson!

  11. If the new is more you, than mission accomplished. White would not be me either, perhaps that's why I like the before better - it takes me where I wouldn't normally go. Don't forget to water the plants and if you get hooked on the barbed wire then I guess you just have to stay in bed for the day!


  12. It's just lovely! And, there is so much you can do to change it up for different seasons etc! I love it!
    XO Cindy

  13. I loved the white! I guess I'm not a big colour person. I love the comfy, rustic, white look. But you did a good job! I love your pallet wall too (I'd paint it white!). :-)

    Jill Palumbo

  14. Love the look. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Just be careful not to hit the barbed wire when you sleep - ouch!

  16. Wow! Just fantastic!!

    So happy to be YOUR inspiration. It's usually the other way around.

    I'm loving the color addition! It really made the space come alive! I loved your bedroom before, but the splash of color makes me love it even more. Love!! :)

  17. I've been reading Michael's blog for over a year now & just adore his signs and sense of style. Not that I didn't drool over your room before, but I love choice of colors you chose to recreate your room.

  18. I couldn't imagine making your bedroom any better, but I do love the new look!

  19. I just love the color you chose. I love colors, can't live with out them. Your bedroom now feels like a good place to hang out in on a gray day.
    Miss Ellie

  20. ...Glad you have the this is more me room!...The pallet closet wall is soooooo amazing!!
    I am totally crazy you did it for so cheap!...Yeah for makeovers & yeah for that wonderful headboard!

  21. Absolutely phenomenal! Between your redo and Michael's I am blown away and will have to take a break from the blogs for a few minutes to let it all soak in! You are both SO talented! It's driving me crazy too because I want to do stuff but I'm selling my house so I can't wait until I get to my new digs so I can literally "dig in" and use my ideas with no consideration of anyone but MOI! LOL! Meanwhile, I will live vicariously through you and now Michael too. You don't know how much I feel a kinship with you and how inspiring it is to be around people like you! Thanks for being YOU!

  22. I love your new bedroom...and the pallet closet area...my living room is 15x30 ..all my walls are the cedar that u put on the outside of a house...that room is soo warm and comfy...I like the garden gate above your bed...but how it is now is just totally awesome!!! I have just found Michael on pinterest and also love his blog!!! You both have so much talent...

  23. I Like it Better Too !!

  24. I loved the all white before, but have to say, I prefer color, too. The gate headboard is wonderful. You have such a knack for blending rustic and elegant. Love it all. :)

  25. Woohoo! Breaking out of the box! Love it, it is very Ralph L., which is my style. Can't believe you did it for $22. You WILL get pinned. The gate is genius. Now you can change the quilt at will. You can buy a colored sheet and sew it to the beige quilt. Off to pin you. Ann

  26. The white "before" bedroom is more my style and I remember, on my first visit to your blog, pining over your very restful bedroom!

    BUT, you have done an amazing job on such a small $ amount, and I want to know where on earth you found such lovely linens at such low prices?

  27. WOW I LOVE love love the headboard!!! SO COOL!!!

  28. Donna, I absolutely LOVE everything you've done. I agree with you about Michael's use of color. It is truly inspirational. If you've up for a bit more punch of color, I can see Michael's yellow wall paint on your bedroom walls. Just a wee suggestion. Thank you for your hard work and willingness to share. xoxox Vicki ven@horizonsatellite.com

  29. the pallet wall is brilliant and the bed that perfect crumply mix that makes you want to crawl back in with a book, a coffee and a rainstorm pattering on the roof-

  30. I love the color, Donna! Especially the blue. It works perfectly with the headboard. Pillows are a passion too. My bed is always crumply, and I love it that way.

  31. Boy oh boy - just after I pinned your white bedroom...you go and change it! I love color too, so I can understand truly! But I did love your old bedroom. Enjoy your new room, full of color! Linda

  32. I love that you did a little different look, you can switch them back and forth really...they are both beautiful! I grew up with horses, so I love anything rescued from the barn! The gate is wonderful!

  33. I love the new look. The headboard itself is awesome, and the colors just make it feel more alive and spring-y.

  34. Awesome job! The bedroom is one room I have been putting off. Someday. Yep yep, someday soon.

  35. Holy horse gate! $22.25??? That's my kind of re-do...I love it. Most projects at our place are put together with stuff from the barn and wood pile :)

  36. I love it. Love how you have embraced your inner colors! I love red...makes me happy. I think when you
    walk in a happy room it lifts your spirits. This redo is wonderful, happy, and will give you a smile
    every day! Great job. And I loved what you did with the one wall and the wood pieces. Amazing! Yay for you.

  37. I love it! The color is wonderful and perfect!

  38. AWESOME, Donna!!!! That DOES look more like you, girlie!! GREAT job!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  39. I can see why you would get tired of the lack of color even in a beautiful room as it was. Color speaks to us and gives us joy. Your new room has even more personality and happiness.

  40. OMG! Can I have your old bedroom? LOL...:)

    Dee Dee

  41. Lovely bedroom, as though straight from a commercial! This has inspired me to redesign my own bedroom and I’m gonna have to take that navy quilt, white bedsheets combo idea :D
    Have you redone the walls though? I had mine done with a wall decal, which I could stick on and remove whenever I liked. They tend to compliment the entire room and aren’t messy like paint or hang like framed pictures.But yeah, other than that the room is pretty much perfect :)

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