Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Goods giveaway!

This giveaway has officially ended. Thank-you for your wonderful comments! 

Congrats, Polly from Make Mine Beautiful! 

(name was redrawn as I couldn't reach original winner)


One of my very favorite memories as a child on Christmas was running up to the tree first thing in the morning and seeing all that long sparkly tinsel and huge colourful glass lights with those big metal reflectors.

For they held the promise to a very exciting day filled with ....presents. :)

I still remember getting Chrissy, which I still have,

and Tippy Toes. 

Oh! And those cute Liddle Kiddles!! 

I still have my EasyBake Oven too. :)

It's so fun to think back during those days gone by, isn't it? And now we get to create those types of memories in just a few short days!

Do you have room for one more present and memory?

I have in my hands a Home Goods $50 gift certificate.

And it needs to go to a happy American shopper!


~ Anyone can enter to win!  ~

Just promise to send it to your favorite American friend that lives near a Home Goods if you aren't one and you win, ok?

 Tell me what you loved most about Christmas when you were a kiddo and you're in!

Winner will be deemed for the Christmas Story SNS, Fri, Dec 31st.

Merry Christmas, and good luck!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Check out my fav things - with some specials attached!

"Dear Santa,

I totally adore all of the following things. 

I've been a good girl too!

So.. how about it? I rust up your sleigh in exchange for a few of my most favorite things below?

Hello? Helloooo..... 

oh oh..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not everyone is a rust lover, I admit. But did you know I had the potential to fall in love with some non rusty trinkets too?

I recently took a stroll through my sponsor's stores to see what was goin' on. And boy was that fun!

But not only did I find cool stuff.. I found SPECIALS too!

Come on along with me as we walk through Funky Town to window shop a few of my own favorite things!


My favorite thing:

Check out these vintage scissors. The first two remind me of some my mom had. Awww... fond memories. And that 3rd is frankly just wild! How cool would these be nicely framed up for a sewing room? I just love the look of these!

Anything goes Here is loaded with vintage treasures of all types. I LOVE this store! Click the button to check it out! But be warned. Joan's photos make you WANT. IT. ALL.


Every December order comes with a free gift!

Special Holiday Pricing in effect on some listings.

Mention FUNKY JUNK when you order to receive your free gift!

Check it all out HERE.


My favorite thing:

I love these notebook covers. They are colourful, girlie, and taking notes would just be more fun while on the run! If this notebook cover isn't avail by the time you see this, it wouldn't surprise me. This stuff sells FAST.

All of Lindsey's creations laugh with their vibrant fun colours! Take a peek and see if you can't help but smile. :) 


 15% off any Pleated Poppy reg priced stock during December!

code - J U N K

Click HERE to get started.

But RUN. I'm tellin' ya, this stuff doesn't get old.


My favorite thing:

Do you like your whites white but detest that bleach fragrance that always seems to linger? Me too. So when I came across this product, called Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover, I was curious.

I've been using it for some time now and can I just say, the bottoms of my sports socks ARE white and they smell like fresh air, not a swimming pool. LOVE this stuff.

 And I really do suggest to start with a kit of some sort. They just work so awesome together!

Shakley is all about safe health, cleaning and beauty products. And I've yet to try a product I didn't like.


Become a member and Bonnie has a special for you!


email Bonnie at DonahueWellness@hotmail.com for details!

click HERE to view product line.


Would you like to become a Funky Junk sponsor? We'd love to have you! Please email me direct at signmakergirl@hotmail.com for all the affordable details. :)

Well, that sure was fun shopping for me!

Do you ever pick up things for yourself while you're shopping for others?
Or can you really walk away from it?
I'm so weak...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advertise on Funky Junk!
If you're wishing for more exposure for your business, you've come to the right place! FJI currently accepts sidebar advertising and other options to suit. Loads of interaction with visitors, fun events, and plenty of traffic will be leaving you glad you joined the fray. :)

Our Audience

Those that visit Funky Junk are DIYers from all walks of life. While the majority are women, there are definitely men in the mix as well.  The majority here adore working and decorating with reclaimed items. They use crafting and building products, as well as DIY types of tools. They love to make what they desire to have as well as purchase retail.

Those that follow Funky Junk as of March 2012:

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Funky Junk not only gets featured often on other blogs and websites, the work is also published!

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Regular Contributor

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My experience working with Donna was A+ all around.  She was extremely professional, dedicated, prompt, and eager to work with me on the review post.  Donna put a lot of work into her review, asking a lot of questions about me, my products, and helping me work out an Exclusive Promotion for her readers.  When I saw photos of the projects she created with my images, I knew she wanted to create a high quality blog review/article for me.
Donna's photography skills are top notch. As a photographer myself, I can't stress enough how important it is to have high quality photos to showcase your products and every single photo Donna took for my review post was excellent quality.

When the review posted, I was amazed and excited not only about the traffic that was being generated, but by the increase in sales that I could directly attribute to FunkyJunk readers because of a discount code.  I know I will have traffic and sales in the future as well because of the review post and links that will remain on her blog.   An absolute pleasure – hope to partner with Donna and FunkyJunk again some day.

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Thank-you for your interest in advertising with FJI!
We'd love to have you aboard!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A DIY for pleated shades and a winner for the Simple Fit custom shades!

Did you know some Redi-Shades can be customized? This is cool...

1. Gather up some of your favorite decorating type supplies... 

ideas - fabric, wrapping paper, photos, paint, scrap book supplies, stencils

2. Place where you'd like everything to go...

 3. And enjoy your new customized shades!

Isn't this cute?!? The options are endless when you purchase the right shades to be able to do this. 

 (click HERE to view this INSPIRE area for more ideas!) 

Now, the winner is getting treated right. She actually has the option to choose one of the SIMPLE FIT shades. :) I have personally only tried this type and I ADORE them!

What I have

shade style - Cellular

install style - Simple Fit (spring loaded)

with the options of:

snow or cream ( I have snow)
light filter or black out (I have black out and they turn the room BLACK!)

You can read about the Cellular style HERE.

And ordering is easy! 

1. Click on the custom shade of your choice.

2. Scroll down until you see...

 The steps will guide you through measuring, pricing, and shipping info.

A winner!

So let's pick a winner! What a lucky lucky gal. She will be floored at how easy they go up.

(my video of my own install is HERE)


Yay! We have

Sambuka over at Dolce Divine!

Oh oh... she's from Quebec Canada! Hey, no worries, she can't win the shades, (as per what the original post stated) but she's going to get a little something else from me. Sambuka, I'll email you and we'll chat. :)

Ok, let's go for an American winner now!

Whoohoo! A loyal follower too! Congrats Gloria from Living on a Dime!

Gals, I'll be swapping some info with you shortly. Congrats!

 Dave, thanks for treating my followers right with this cool giveaway!

And.. how about that customizing.. pretty cool. Have you ever done anything special to your own shades?