Thursday, July 8, 2010

How much can you put into a Bloom Bag?

What's a Bloom Bag you ask?

A Bloom Bag is a beautiful Pleated Poppy creation. Bursting with huge posies and pretty ruffles, loaded with tons of summer colour punch, this is one pretty cool creation indeed.

Lindsey just did a post over at her place that tells you all about what she puts into her own Bloom Bag.

Oh cool. She dumped it out! I've always wanted to know what others stuff into their bags and purses.

Looks like her Bloom Bag holds other bags too. Such as these cute zippered pouches.  

Ahhh... good idea. Kidlet entertainment when on the road no doubt! I can relate to that.

Yeah. And then there IS that real life less fun in the sun stuff we must deal with. But what a neat idea to have a little pouch exclusively for receipts! That's smart thinking.

Sheesh. Even her covered checkbook is adorable. I wanna be a Pleated Poppy when I grow up.

If you've wished to become an owner of a Pleated Poppy original, Lindsey is offering Funky Junk Interior shoppers the chance to do so starting today. At a discount!

Give Lindsey the code JUNK when you put in your order, and she'll wipe 15% off your invoice. There has never been a better time to go PP shopping than right now!

The offer is good until Monday, July 12 midnight. But her stuff does move fast. Her newest necklace creations just sold out. So don't delay too long if there's something in her store you fall in love with.

15% off
Code - JUNK
Offer good til Monday July 12


Go ahead. Make me pleatin' jealous!!!!!!! :P

So, tell me, what does your own handbag look like? Or have you too pathetically denied yourself something pretty for way too long?

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  1. Thank you! I ordered a checkbook cover and zippered pouch. I'm excited!!

    I love her bloom bag. I want one of those too, but didn't see any listed. Maybe I'll order some of her cute pins for my current bag. :)


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